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It’s All About the Details

19 Oct

If you are blessed, like I am, with some very crafty siblings, and you are planning a wedding, use them, draft them into helping you in any way possible.

Because it’s all those little touches, the handmade place cards and hanging pom poms, the crafted banners and wedding programs and favors, that set your wedding apart, that make people go, yes, this was Jho and CityBoy’s wedding, we can see them in all the details.

So, here’s a few of the details I loved so much:

pom pom wands my littler sister made for the flower girls

little shoes!! in multiples!! so darn cute

blue shoes, borrowed hankie, new jewels, and my handmade veil with vintage (i.e. old) rhinestone accents


…And Some Wedding Thoughts…

12 Oct

Very early on, maybe a week or two into our engagement, CityBoy and I decided that we didn’t want a long engagement. We were approaching four years together, and it was time for this show to hit the road. (I’m not really sure what this means, but you know what I’m saying, right?) I couldn’t imagine spending a whole year (or more) trying to plan the “perfect wedding.”

As most of my friends know, I’m pretty relaxed about most things. I didn’t have a wedding hope chest, or any real notion of what kind of flowers/dress/cake/etc. I wanted. I’ve watched Say Yes to the Dress, but more as an exercise in schadenfreude (a la “Good lord, why would you spend $20,000 that you don’t have on some hoochie dress that shows your bare midriff on your wedding day? You are an idiot and I’m glad to not be your husband.”).

But I did know what I didn’t want. Continue reading