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Bookstore Daydreams: It’s All About Location, Location, Location

17 Jul

As you probably know, my current Big Picture fantasy is to someday open my own bookstore. It’s on my 101 Things list, and it’s my mental Happy Place when work or family or The Boy is driving me nuts. I picture walking past the shelves of books, the comfy seating areas, the big display tables laden with books I love. I think about the things I’ll do to make reading exciting to others. If you’re talking to me and I seem out of it, that’s where I am, in my Bookstore Daydreams.

I’ve started, barely, to look into what it would take to make this a reality, and it is daunting, amazing really, how actual people, not corporations or franchises or conglomerates, become business owners. There is so much to do and learn and plan for, so much money to be saved up or gotten (somehow), so many things to think about.

I know I’m not anywhere near the stage of starting a small business. As someone who wants to open a brick-and-mortar store, not just sell my wares on the Interwebs, I know there are a lot of hurdles to jump, messy seas to navigate.

Which is why I like to dream. One of the things I like to imagine is where this Bookstore Daydream might someday live, in the real world of Long Beach, CA. So you won’t believe what I found the other week as I was out on one of my long perambulations around my neighborhood. Continue reading


My 101 Things (aka the Day Zero Project)

24 Jun

In my renewed efforts to be a good netizen (Internet + citizen = huh huh, get it? sorry, dumb things amuse me), I’ve been checking out the blogs of those kind souls who either “like” one of my blog posts or, gloriousness of gloriousnesses, decide to follow my blog. I ran across this fascinating piece by sarah on the go! about the 101 Things in 1,001 Days phenomenon (hereafter known as the 101 List).

I’m a pretty life-long lister, though the advent of the smartphone has curtailed this dramatically. In the old days, I carried a paper calendar (what?!?! yes, paper) which was filled with doodles and appointments and to-do’s that I then dutifully carried out and crossed off. It was an idyllic time when you could look at two largish pages of paper and see your whole week. Now I’m scrolling endlessly on my iPhone screen, trying to see what I have going on on what day.

But back to the 101 List…this seems to be a pretty nifty little thing/community/time suck/planner. The idea, for those old farts out there like myself who hadn’t heard of the dang thing until Monday, is that you create an account (I know! Another user name! Another password!) and get list-happy, either picking things others have already picked or making up your own list of 101 things you’d like to accomplish in 1,001 days. Continue reading