What’s My Deal (in the Here and Now)?

One: I am still all about the book. The written word. The printed text. Those best words in that best order. The amazing story/poem/sentence that keeps you pinned to the couch/bed/armchair, ignoring all others, including your best and most beautiful boy, that lovely man who married you on a clear October day. Crap…I digress…so, yes, the books. Always the books.

Two: I went East. I lived East. Manhattan specifically. On the Upper East Side. In a deluxe (studio) apartment in the skyyy-hiiigh (pretend there is music, The Jeffersons‘ theme song preferably). Where I lived with said lovely man, herein known as CityBoy, and shared 550 square feet of the finest small space living out there. And worked and read and listened to people (writers) read amazing things. And ate amazing food. And walked and walked and walked and walked. Every. Day.

Three: And now I’m back. To Long Beach City, the place I thought of as home as soon as I breathed its sometimes smoggy, always salty, ocean air. To my West Coast family and friends. With CityBoy in tow, who is now my faithful, eternally ball-and-chained husband. Or as I like to pronounce it: “whooose-band.”

Four: And so it begins again. The writing. The reading. The eating. The seeing of amazing things and talking (or writing) about them.

Hope you’re still interested.

XO Jho in the (Long Beach) City


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