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Endorsement Monday: Cozy Classics Does “Pride & Prejudice”

29 Jan

I have a quick endorsement for this Monday, January 28th: the super adorable series of kids’ books by Cozy Classics.

I first discovered them in the pages of Poets & Writers Magazine, another thing I wholeheartedly endorse, though my success ratio of read to unread magazines is quite low (I can never keep up! I suspect you suffer from the same problem – so many good, interesting things to read and not enough time (and too much television getting in the way) to read them).

But back to the Cozys:

wooly miss elizabeth bennett

wooly miss elizabeth bennett

Is this or is this not the coolest thing you’ve seen today? (No fair answering if you are A) not a book fan or B) not a Jane Austen fan. This post is not for you. Go look at some food porn.)

It’s hard to describe, but basically these two brothers (the Brothers Wang – Jack and Holman…they’re Chinese Canadian) decided to reinterpret the classics like Pride & Prejudice and Moby Dick, but this time for babies and toddlers. They hand make needle felted representations of the main characters and photograph them on tiny sets/scenes that they also create. These sets/scenes  tell the story of the whole book in about 12 words.

seriously, how can you resist this whale?

seriously, how can you resist this whale?

I know, I suck at explaining, but trust me, this is the coolest thing for babies of geek friends since iPhones were created. I’m stocking up for all the baby showers I’ll ever be invited to. I might cuddle up with a Cozy or two myself.