Endorsement Monday: Cooking Classes at PREP Kitchen Essentials

22 Jan

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time is take a cooking class. I’ve talked about it, I’ve researched the classes, I even put it on my 101 Things list. And now I can say that I’m a proud cooking class graduate!

CityBoy was roped into this fantasy, being that I found an awesome French-themed class just in time for someone’s birthday (yes, I gave my husband a birthday gift that I would have wanted – don’t judge me).

PREP Cooking Essentials is a clean, modern kitchen store in Seal Beach with a great cooking program. They’re even have “Learn to Cook” and professional chef’s classes!

I signed us up for “December in Paris,” which harkened us back to our recent anniversary trip to Paris. Chef Elizabeth Whitt is a Le Cordon Bleu graduate who is down-to-earth, very knowledgeable and passionate about food and teaching.

we're all ears, Chef!

we’re all ears, Chef!

Included in our menu were:

Mushroom and Onion Tartine

carb heaven

carb heaven

Leeks with Dijon Mustard Viniagrette


stupid easy to make

Sweet Potato Gratin

ooey gooey heaven

ooey gooey heaven

Pork with Calvados Sauce

look how nice she plates it

look how nice she plates it

And Pear and Berry Galettes

can you believe we made these??

can you believe we made these??

Chef Elizabeth’s recipes were easy to follow, didn’t involve a thousand ingredients and were very, very, very delicious. I especially loved how she would talk about the individual ingredients, explaining what to look for when shopping and encouraging us to taste every part of our dishes…even the raw leeks, so we could tell the difference between the light green and dark green parts of the plant.

And I loved the social aspect of the class. They maintain a very manageable size of 12-18 students, grouped around tables of 5-6 (and Chef Elizabeth does an ah-mazing job of learning everyone’s names on the first go-through; I was still confused about the names of some of my table mates after spending 3 hours with them).

The only things they don’t provide are alcoholic beverages and aprons, so make sure you bring your own. Luckily Sprouts is within walking distance, so first-timers like ourselves could pop over for a bottle of vino before class starts.

I was so delighted with the class that I can’t wait for our next lesson. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

So if you’ve never taken a cooking class, or if you’ve been searching for one in the area, check out PREP Kitchen Essentials. You’ll learn something new, eat a great meal and have a ton of fun.


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