Endorsement Monday: Your Local Aquarium

27 Nov

CityBoy and I were recently up in the San Francisco Bay area for Thanksgiving, spending time with his side of the family. We had a lovely three days with brothers, aunties, nieces and in-laws, some of which was spent at the Aquarium of the Bay (http://www.aquariumofthebay.com) in downtown San Francisco.

I’ve poo-poo’d aquarium visiting in the past to CityBoy. They seem clammy and creepily nocturnal at best, crowded with screaming sticky children at worst. But this time, I was enchanted, by the exhibits (including a multi-room water tunnel thing, through which you walk and the animals soar (ehem, swim) overhead), the staff (kudos to the very pleasant women working the photo booth and elevators, and the delight of the children, as they gallop from exhibit to exhibit, shouting, “Look!” “Wow!” “Come on!”

We were a family of 10, with a four and two year old, and we had a gay old time. The Aquarium of the Bay is fairly small (and maybe a bit overpriced – I don’t know, our hosts paid for our tickets), but its size works in its favor, I think. Just enough to see and touch and experience without getting overwhelmed and cranky (or at least for me – luckily there was a Bloody Mary in my future).

So as you’re considering gift options this Holiday Season, why not consider your local aquarium? Or pop in yourself for an amazing hour or two. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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