Istanbul…Or How I Make Saving Make Sense

22 Jun

I’m a terrible saver. I don’t like it, don’t see the point of being good for a rainy day. I am a blower of money. I see and I want and I buy. I’m pretty sure CityBoy hates me for it. (You should know, if you can’t guess already, that he is a very good saver. One of those people who will search and search and search for the 15-cents-cheaper thing.) I could very well become a homeless hobo with very nice shoes. Everyone has a lot in life. This is mine.

However, sometimes things come across your path that are so delicious, so wonderful and awe-inspiring and must-have-able, that one such as myself, of the derelict and money-stoopid clan, would actually put together a savings plan in order to attain such amazingness.

I give you . . . Istanbul.


And this is no ordinary travel around the globe, eat fat juicy figs in their native lands, and swan home in your newly gathered, totally authentic, ethnic finery kind of trip. It is the ultimate in things I love all mashed together. It is Cecilia Woloch and writing and minarets and the Grand Bazaar and eating and the Bosphorous. And if my best girl-writers can make it, it is a week of shared incandescence.

Hence, the saving. I found this quick little article in a recent Marie Claire that breaks it down for dummies like me: 50% of your salary to essentials (rent, groceries, gas), 20% to financial priorities (credit card bills, student loans, savings) and 30% to the fun stuff.

To help me whittle my dream into reality, I’ve set up an automatic savings transfer. $150 dollars each and every month. No joke. No stopping until we’re party-rocking in Istanbul.

What’s your Istanbul? How are you making it happen?


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