Enter the Dragon, or Here Comes 2012

15 Jan

Happy New Year, my peeps. 2012 is officially here (though I’m still sometimes writing ‘ll or, god forbid, ’09) and it is with quivering hearts that we look to another year, another page turned in the (hopefully) long (and not too boring) novel of our lives.

A new year always makes me a little anxious and angry. Inevitably, I haven’t accomplished as much as I’d hoped in the last 12 months, and the thought of resolutions and diets and spring cleaning makes me want to punch the next New-Year-New-You devotee. 

Last year, I seem to remember talking about resolutions myself here, trying to distill them into a couple of punchy action verbs. Something about READ, WRITE, COOK, SEE, DO. I can picture myself air-boxing around the apartment, punctuating each jab with a hearty exhortation. YES. I. WILL. READ. I. WILL. DO. YES!

I feel like a jerk just thinking about it. Why do we torture ourselves with these promises? Why can’t we just get out of our own heads and get into the game, so to speak?

Apparently our giant mammalian brains have evolved mainly to help us feel more conflicted, more under-achieving, to give us the wherewithal to think about and bemoan our lame stuck-in-our-head-edness.

Or maybe it’s just me. It’s possible. CityBoy asks me all the time why I’m so negative, so angry, so hostile to my fellow creatures. Usually I arch a wry eyebrow and give him the “it’s your fault – you  made me come to New York” look. But I do wish I could embrace the new year a little more openly, be a little more hopeful and not so quick to point out the flaws in these supposed resolutions and mini-makeovers.

It’s not as though 2011 was a bad year. CityBoy and I accomplished a lot, including planning THE. BEST. WEDDING. EVER. in under six months. And we made it through with very few very angry moments. Lots of vigorous discussion and snarky backtalk (mostly from me). Lots of sarcasm and eye-rolling (me again). And lots of loveliness and joy.

We look pretty happy, right?

So I’m turning the page and getting into the action. Maybe I’ll take up a French class (I’ve always hated not being to even pronounce all the words in the fancy menus). Or find a new, more exciting job. Or even move coasts again.

Crazier things have happened.

Rock on in 2012, people. Let’s just rock on.


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