Did I Mention They Like Statues?

11 Oct

Statues of horses. Or horsepeople, to be precise.

Yup - those are giant horses waiting to trample you from on high.

They are lording it over massive fountains.

Horse King of the People

Charging over the tops of municipal buildings.

It's a bird. It's a plane. Nope, it's a giant statue of horses.

And rearing triumphantly over their self-named parklands.

Where's my charging-horse, spear-in-hand statue, damn it?

In general, swanning about, making you feel tiny and insignificant. Because they have been immortalized in marble, granite, or limestone. More than life-sized and flexing their artist-enhanced biceps.

Makes you want to go out and commission your own sword-wielding, chariot-driving, wild-stallion-driving statue, no?

Wedding gift, anyone?

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