Lights, Camera, 2011!

9 Jan

Fireworks over Central Park

Happy New Year, folks! We made it. This holiday season was a doozy – CityBoy and I spent an unexpected extra week (well I did; CityBoy had ants in his pants…more on that later) in Orange County, celebrating with my family and our friends and eating entirely too much good, good food.

I’m still not sure what happened (something about the Mayor and the unions and classic infighting at the worst possible time) but New York City was deluged by snow the day after Christmas, and more than two weeks later, we’re still dealing with the aftermath.

They finally picked up the trash in Manhattan, which was sky-high (thank god it’s been super cold), but the recyclables are threatening to drown us in their well-meaning bounty. I shouldn’t complain: My co-worker lives in outer Brooklyn and it took five days to plow her streets. Five. Days.


I’m still slowing easing into the new year, getting used to writing ’11 instead of ’10, which I never got used to. Apparently ’09 was a very good year for me, because I still find myself unconsciously scribbling it out from time to time.

But it’s a new decade (god, that makes me feel super old), so it’s time to roll up our sleeves, dust off our hands, and get to work. I always find the preparing of New Year’s resolutions to be annoying, counterproductive, and fanciful (I’ve already had my first New Year bag of potato chips – after consuming three LARGE size bags mostly by myself over the holidays – my older sister is a terrible enabler) but I’m going to try to simplify things this year by keeping these five things in mind as I travel through this year (five being a magical number, as evidenced by the toddler who spent a good 15 minutes slowly driving me insane at the Long Beach Airport by singing – or trying to sing – the 12 Days of Christmas. Guess which line he remembered every go-around…FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!!!):

1. READ – more critically and with better consistency. I’m a book whore. I freely admit that, especially when it comes to poetry books. I loooooove to buy good poetry books. I’m not so good at reading them all the way through, or thinking about what I’m reading beyond “wow, that’s really good, why the eff didn’t I write that?” So this year, I want to read as though my career depended on it. Which it does, at least the career that I most want, which is to be a writer. A good writer who understands why things work.

2. COOK – as part of a comfortable routine that I enjoy, which involves discovering cool things to cook and eat and nourishing myself and my family and friends with those discoveries. I want cooking at home to be less anxiety-causing and more fun. And as I’ve found with writing, you can’t dispel the anxiety unless you do it so many times, you don’t even think about not doing it.

3. DO – active things, which currently involves me going to yoga class. I hate EXERCISE in all caps, that self-conscious gym-strutting sweatiness that CityBoy loves. It seems so pointless and silly, all that trainer-sanctioned lifting and running, but it turns out I love yoga. I’m sure some of you find it just as silly as hitting the gym, but in yoga, I can tune out my self-conscious mind for good long stretches (haha) and really focus on parts of my body that I rarely think about, like my armpits and my ribcage. Plus I’m convinced it’s slowing helping me to grow taller.

4. SEE – more art, whether that art is visual like painting, or auditory like the opera, or physical like dance. Actually I never see dance. I can’t stand modern dance, though, even as I type these words, I’m not really sure why I don’t like modern dance. When was the last time I saw something? Too long ago, I’m sure. But I want to take even more advantage of the City and get back to going to art openings and incorporate more music, plays, and even dance into my art appreciation. Because you never know what is going to stick with you.

5. WRITE – this one is a no-brainer for a self-professed writer. But it’s surprising how easily distracted I can become from writing. There’s that really good book that’s finally on hold for me at the 67th Street Library, that next episode of Grey’s Anatomy (yes, I’m still watching), those Facebook statuses I have to read and comment on. It goes on and on. So I commit to writing. Every day. In some way. Making notes. Blogging. Working on poems. Sitting my ass in the chair.

So that’s it…READ. COOK. DO. SEE. WRITE. There’s probably some cool acronym in there if I was patient enough to play with the words. But remembering these five is enough for now.






Wish me luck! And to you, in bocca al lupo!


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