Outdoor Adventure Time: Dobbs Ferry

11 Oct

I think there’s something magical in traveling outside of one’s comfort zone, outside the normal paths we take day-to-day, the ways home, to the subway, to the store that become so familiar, it’s as though we don’t even see them anymore.

The other day, I traveled out of Manhattan, to Dobbs Ferry, NY, about 20 miles outside of the city, to have lunch with a good friend who lives in almost bucolic splendor. My friend J couldn’t live in more opposite ways from the way I live now. She lives alone (but with her regally gorgeous dog Fenway) in a huge apartment filled with antiques and momentos from her many travels, on the campus of the school where she works. It is a beautiful place, with green fields, large homes, and the kind of classic school buildings you picture in Ivy League brochures. We met and became fast friends on just such a campus many years ago.

What I value so much about my trips there (in addition to her thoughtful, and thought-provoking, conversation) are the new things I encounter there and on the way, from the trip on Metro North, which glides (okay, sometimes rocks rather nauseatingly vigorously) along the Hudson River, to the Dobbs Ferry Station, which is cut into the hillside and offers a great vantage point from which to watch the river, to the school itself, that wondrous place, with wide, open spaces, real woods and old fashioned classrooms with big, oval tables, blackboards and radiators.

Here are a couple of snaps from my trip:

A view of the station with the Hudson in the background from the passenger pick-up area

These cool pipes I saw in the station. Amazing how things look when framed in an interesting way.

Some business cards a fledgling entrepreneur has left on a ledge in the station.

Self-portrait in semi-truck.

As I was waiting for J to pick me up, I spied these two Metro North workers who were cleaning up around the station. They drive this enormous garbage/recycling truck, with bins on the truck bed for glass/cans, newspapers and trash. I couldn’t resist the shiny, shiny grill.

So keep exploring, keep saying ‘yes’ to the friend who lives a little out of the way, keep looking for that glimmer of strangeness, beauty, the unexpected. I know I am.

Rock on, people.



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