Non-Required Reading: Oh, How It Piles Up

23 Sep

I got a notice from one of the many rarely used frequent flyer programs to which I still (really? still?) belong, offering magazine subscriptions in lieu of anything else worthwhile for my measly few thousand points. I thought, free magazines – how could this be bad?


Behold, the Deluge!


This is now what greets me every time I open the front door of our apartment, unlock our little lobby mailbox, or pass by the doorman’s desk. It is literally a deluge of words and pictures, opinion and conjecture, daily, weekly, and monthly. Something’s gotta give.

As for actual reading (of novels, with the odd non-fiction book thrown in), here’s what’s in the pipeline:


Oh the glory!


The NYC public library system is a miracle to behold. Nearly any book I want, so long as I’m willing to wait a little for it to come in, via the handy online holds system. They’ll ship books from all over the five boroughs to my humble little 67th Street Library, day in and day out. The only problem seems to be the timing of the thing. According to my most recent check-out receipt, I need to read all five “new” books I received within the next seven days. This wouldn’t have been a huge problem in my living-3,000-miles-away-from-my-boyfriend days, but CityBoy gets a little cranky if I spend 3-4 hours a day immersed in a book. Apparently it’s considered anti-social.

What I was most excited about from my last haul is this:


Meghan Daum takes on the housing crisis


I’ve never been super obsessed with owning a house. Having a cute apartment, yes. But home ownership, with its confusion mortgage terms and frightening plumbing issues, no, not so much. But on my last trip home to Southern Cal, I was enthralled by a friend’s lovely little bungalow in North Long Beach. And by enthralled I mean “in lust.” Especially over her handmade wrap-around desk, made by crafty friends from recycled lumber. Did I mention her sweet little backyard that will soon manifest itself into a verdant paradise for outdoor lounging, cocktail partying and solitary book reading? I’m hoping Ms. Daum talks me out of my little lust bubble.


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