NYC – the Rage Experiment

16 Jun

Hello friends.

I know I’ve been out of touch recently.  I’m attributing it to a case of the get-me-outa-here’s.  NYC has been an interesting experiment in social anxiety, over-stimulation and food orgies, but I’m a little burned out.

I actually miss the O.C., where I used to sit in my car in blissful separation from smelly and annoying others (well, okay, a lot of that time was spent in traffic-stalled separation, but at least they weren’t actually *in* my car, just in the other lane, or behind or in front of me, where I could safely yell at them for driving badly), and people didn’t feel the need to invade my space (not counting car space, as previously mentioned) on a daily, minute-by-minute basis.

Yesterday, while traveling to a free workshop on applying for artist’s grants (yes, I admit, NYC still rocks the universe in terms of free educational/cultural events), I was assaulted both aurally (by a pack of teenage white dudes whose ear-poppingly loud conversation was littered with “Yo! Check it!” and “Nah, man!” – how I wish I were kidding about this) and spatially (by a large woman who decided to, literally, sit on me in order to squeeze her fat behind into the space between me and another person).

As you’ve probably guessed, I was fantasizing about all kinds of torture to inflict on these people, involving, alternately, baseball bats, taser guns, that collapsible whipping stick Jennifer Lopez used in the only good movie she was in, and poison darts.  I think it’s safe to say I’ve reached my limit.

So…although I will continue to be in New York City for the immediate future, my thoughts and schemes will involve getting back to the civilized world…which to me is the West Coast.  I know there are those diehards among you who love the urban jungles of NYC, or Philadelphia, or Chicago (and I know, already, the NYers are exclaiming, “How dare you lump us in with those second-tier cities?!?” Whatevs.).  I need a little R & R, a little peace and quiet, a “please” and “thank you” with my human interactions.

In the meantime, I’ll keep posting about the non-stop hilarity that is “Jho in the City,” but look out for new iterations.  Maybe “Jho in the Green City” or “Jho in the Java City” (we’re looking at Portland, OR and Seattle, WA).

Keep your fingers crossed for me and keep on rockin’.

– Jho


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