My Man is Good: A Totally NY Weekend

9 Jun

This past weekend, CityBoy proved once again why he’s my guy.  Here’s a quick rundown of our jam-packed NYC weekend:

Friday AM –
I arrive in The City after a JetBlue red-eye, survive a somewhat terrifying taxi ride through the rain-slick streets (apparently my cabbie thinks peeling out on wet asphalt was a good sound), and enjoy a long nap with CityBoy.

Friday PM –
We head out to a poetry benefit at the Bowery Poetry Club (with Philip Levine and Paul Muldoon, among others), preceded by a deliciously quick meal of cold soba noodles, curry rice and gyoza.  Now if I could just remember the name of the Japanese place.  CityBoy and I are totally impressed with the supposedly teenaged (I never looked that pulled-together as a youngster) female Spoken Word duo who perform a synchronized piece and their own solo stuff.  Amber Tamblyn (of Joan of Arcadia and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fame) also reads.  She turns out to be not half bad, although her in-between-poems chitchat ends up being longer than her actual poems.  I run into Alexis Bleidel (of Gilmore Girls and Sisterhood fame – natch, their friends IRL) in line for the ladies room.  We all act like uber-cool New Yorkers and ignore her.  The night ends with a pit stop at Tasti D-Lite, as all perfect nights should.

Saturday AM –
Brooklyn BridgeWe trek out for a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, along with what seems like half the city.  CityBoy admires the architechture and views while I not so secretly hope for a collision between furiously pedaling bicyclists and the idiot tourists who blatantly ignore the clearly marked divider between bike path and pedestrian path.  I am disappointed when no one dies.  The City is beautiful, as is Brooklyn, where we find a park in which to picnic and CityBoy salutes President Obama as he flies over us in Marine One (the Obamas come to town for a play).

Saturday PM –
After cocktails at a swanky place in Brooklyn Heights (the bartender looked like he’d just arrived from the Roaring Twenties) and bidding farewell to my new gay best friends (who says New Yorkers aren’t friendly?), CityBoy and I meet a friend of his for another super delish Japanese meal, at a place literally steps from CityBoy’s building.

Sunday AM –
This time, we trek across the Park (it’s a summer weekend day, so there must be a parade) to the Museum of Natural History (site of “A Night at the Museum”).  Roar!I stand like a slack-jawed yokel in the dinosaur exhibit halls, ogling giant T-Rex and giant brontosauras skeletons.  We visit the famous animal dioramas, which are beautiful and eerie and a little scary.  CityBoy and I argue over whether the Museum houses the Squid and the Whale battle.  (It does, just not where I expect it to be.)

Sunday PM –
Like any uber-cosmopolitans, we have tapas and sangria for dinner at Euzkadi in the East Village (it’s a windy, somewhat stormy night and CityBoy is convinced he hears thunder in the distance; we learn later it was fireworks), before heading to the Mercury Lounge for a little jazzy entertainment courtesy of Zee Avi.  I’m impressed (and a little alarmed) by CityBoy’s inner macho when a drunk idiot in the audience keeps talking through the set.  I convince CityBoy not to throw down with the douchebag.

Monday AM –
It’s a quick diner breakfast of corned beef and eggs before I head out to LaGuardia for my flight home.  My first time flying out of LGA in a long, long time, I’m impressed with the 15 minute trip from the UES and the cheaper taxi fare of only $30 with tip (JFK is normally an hour away and $60).

Oh, and CityBoy makes (some) room in the bathroom and buys and builds me a chest of drawers.  A good man, through and through.


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