NYC must have #32 – rain boots

6 May

I’ve always scoffed at adults wearing rain boots. They’re adorable on children. Coupled with a yellow slicker and tights, the look is very Paddington the Bear. But on adults? Come on. I mean, really, is it that wet outside?

Apparently, it is. At least in New York City.

I’ve always had the luxury of ducking between my car and the nearest store entrance and have rarely had to walk more than a few hundred yards to get under cover. In Southern California, it’s practically standard to wear flip-flops 85% of the year and a few rain drops don’t slow us down.

But this past weekend, tramping through the Upper East Side (“UES” to those in the know), Upper West Side (UWS), and East Village (just the Village), I was wet.

And I don’t mean the ‘oh, my socks are getting a little damp’ feel of a sudden rainstorm in Orange County. I mean WET. As in ‘I’m going to be able to ring my socks (and sneakers) out when we get home’ wet. The ‘I’m no longer listening to poor, oblivious Cityboy’s spirited tour of various neighborhoods because I’m wet’ wet.

And wet is not fun. Wet in New York City means having soaked up all the grimy, glistening runoff from the city’s much-maligned sidewalks. The kind of foamy, dark puddling that collects at each intersection and in the myriad potholes and crevices that dot the Great Metropolis’s thoroughfares. This is not clean rain, people. Not by a long shot.

So…NYC must have #32 – plastic rain boots.

Rock on.

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