There’s only One City?

25 Apr

Awhile back, when Cityboy and I were having endless arguments (ahem…discussions) about where to live as a couple, New York kept popping up.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who was initiating the popping.

Like any sensible non-New Yorker, I was quick to respond with my beefs about the alleged Greatest City in the World.  Too expensive.  Too many people.  Terrible weather.  Crankiness as a cultural mindset.

I live in Southern California now, Orange County to be more specific, and I will happily rattle off the myriad problems I face living here (traffic, lack of culture, too much damn sunshine).  It’s not a perfect place – far from it – but it doesn’t produce the kind of terror and annoyance normally associated with living in New York City.

But he wore me down.  Or rather, our long-distance relationship wore me down, chipped away at my defenses and what-if’s and but-then’s.  Having lived on my own for seven (actually eight…goodness, where does the time go?) plus years now, I can definitively confirm that it gets a little old.

When you get up in the morning, put on that pot of coffee and get ready for the day, it’s just you.  And when you get home at night, your sad little apartment greets you with an echoing hello, that single-serve cup of noodle soup and wholesome Coca Cola waiting for just you.

Of course, an afternoon with my little sister, the BabyMommy, always gives me newfound appreciation for my cozy solo pod.  But when you find a good man, it would be nice to wake up to him or come home to him for more than the three or five odd days you can cobble together from your meager vacation time.

So I’m doing it, going for broke, shrugging off the mantle of suburban complacency, running with the big dawgs.

As they say (and Cityboy would surely agree), it’s The City, our country’s only true metropolis, the one all the other ones emulate or villify or react against.  In a few short months, it’ll be my home and I’ll let you know if it’s worth all the press.

Rock on, people.



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